Salut and Welcome,Maude in Philly

GIFT CERTIFICATES $50.00 or $100.00. Born and raised in Montreal until fate brought me over to the United States.

Not knowing how or why I simply became surrounded by great artists, which awoke a silent passion in me.

I always felt the artist in me but it wasn’t until my best friends gave me the opportunity to express it out loud that I was able to break free.

Given a bar as a blank canvas, thoughts and ideas came rushing to my mind. I had to make that project mine, and so… my passion for Mosaic Design began!

Ever since that moment, I have not stopped researching and creating interesting pieces. I look around and find inspiration in everything and anything. From vintage Betty Boop images to modern graffiti art, etc… anything goes.

As I progress as an artist, I find myself reaching out for more challenging pieces. Playing with structures, dimensions, and new materials, I look forward to an artistic world without limits, where I will be able to continue to grow and further contribute to it!

So merci for checking my art.
Feel free to hit me up for custom made pieces.

A bientot!